Energising Your Resilience Programme

Managing your Energy for High Performance


According to a number of recent studies, there is currently a lack of resilience in the workplace. Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress. Resilience is the quality that enables us to cope with the bumps in the road – the challenges that life throws in our way.

The current pandemic has certainly created a lot of challenges for many people. However, when we are resilient, we are able to get through difficult times and experiences, and to bounce back afterwards. In fact, it is possible that we don’t just recover back to normal, but that the challenges we experience may actually lead to profound personal growth and increased psychological strength and resilience.  This has increased the importance of resilience in the workplace.

Talent4Performance has developed a powerful programme that provides resilience training in the workplace. It helps participants discover how to develop their resilience through a number of insightful exercises and discussions.

Each module has been specifically designed for the virtual environment, taking account of the latest thinking in online learning.

The approach aims to maximise the benefits of the online group interaction by blending independent learning into the programme, in between modules, to deepen the learning experience.


Highly Interactive and Insightful

The programme is highly interactive and opens up discussions about the 4 domains of energy that we need to nurture in order to build our resilience.

We support participants to self-assess where they may be neglecting some of the fundamentals of well-being, so they can take action and make positive changes to their lives.

Facilitating Brain and Behaviour Change

The workshop is based on the philosophy that awareness enables and motivates change.

When the brain can label and categorise specific behaviours as separate from our personality, we are less attached to them and they become easier to change. This profound insight gives participants permission to let go of ineffective habits and behaviours to practise new and more effective ways of looking after their well-being.


This programme addresses the 4 fundamental domains of wellbeing and the key  components of resilience at work


By nurturing the 3 key factors affecting our physical wellbeing we can optimise our fitness and energy.


By developing a better emotional vocabulary and an attitude of gratitude we can improve relationships.


By optimising our mental energy we can avoid the 9 common thinking errors and improve our mental focus.


By living on purpose and understanding our values we can achieve calm confidence and realistic optimism.

Many of your people may be asking:
How can I improve my resilience skills?
How do you show resilience at work?

Following the Energising Your Resilience Programme, you and your people will be able to:

  • Understand what resilience means, and that it is something we can work to develop
  • Appreciate your own current resilience level, and where to focus your efforts to build your resilience
  • Appreciate the 4 different energy dimensions, and how to manage your energy levels for sustained high performance
  • Identify which of the 7 habits of highly resilient people you need to focus on
  • Learn 2 instant tricks to rapidly recover from an amygdala hijack
  • Discover how to develop resilience and maintain flexibility in your approach
  • Improve your emotional vocabulary to better regulate your emotions
  • Use the 4 ‘A’s to develop an attitude of gratitude
  • Explore strategies to optimise your mental energy and avoid the 9 common thinking errors
  • Develop simple new habits to reduce stress and improve relaxation
  • Review and reframe how you see particular issues so you can stay resourceful


Programme Format

The core programme has three 2.5 hour modules each spaced one week apart. There is an optional additional module that facilitates Post-traumatic Growth, where participants are able to identify and discuss how they have grown over the last 12 months and how they can use this to become the best they can be.

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What Our Clients Say

Your Trainers

Alli Gibbons and David Klaasen are skilled practitioners in facilitating Behaviour Change and are both registered Mental Health First Aiders.  They have over 50 years combined experience working with leaders and managers to improve personal and business performance.  They share the latest thinking from the cutting edge of Applied Neuroscience in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.  They are both passionate about creating sustainable businesses that enjoy long term success because they are built on solid foundations.

Alli Gibbons


Alli brings over 20 years of experience supporting organisations to clarify and articulate their strategic direction, putting in place practical plans to transform performance and achieve their vision. She has the rare quality of being able to synthesise leading-edge thinking into practical approaches, enabling clients to address complex strategic challenges. Alli is highly effective at group facilitation and project management, drawing upon her blend of analytical and people skills, along with her experience in large-scale infrastructure projects.

David Klaasen


David has 30 years’ experience of working with senior leadership teams to ensure that shared values, clear communication and targeted development of people are the furnace that drives business success. He moved into the Learning and Development arena, inspired by the measurable results it can produce, after gaining valuable international management experience in the kitchens of 5 Star Hotels and Michelin Starred Restaurants. David has worked with all levels of management, across a broad range of sectors, designing award-winning and nationally recognised Management Development programmes.

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