Growth Mindset Paradoxes

Growth Mindset Paradoxes

In a rapidly changing environment at work, the Growth Mindset is now being shown to be able to help improve performance, help flexibility, and help people to adapt to change. So there are 4 paradoxes. These paradoxes were originally developed by Dr. Dan Harrison.

4 paradoxes that help you to develop a Growth Mindset

Paradox of Opinions

The “Paradox of Opinions” is made up of “Certain” and “Open & Reflective.” Where “Certain” is confident in your own opinions and being able to articulate your opinions with confidence, while being “Open & Reflective”. And being able to take on the opinions of others because you’re seeking the truth and that’s a key to a Growth Mindset.

Paradox of Self

The next one is “Self” from the “Paradox of Self” which is about Self Acceptance. I’m good the way I am, and find the way I am, but I’m also open to learning and Developing. I’m also open to improving to receiving feedback to how I can get better. So I’m not just complacent in my self-acceptance, and finding the truth that healthy self-esteem that comes with the paradox of self.

Paradox of Motivation

The next one is “Motivation.” And that’s a balance between being Self-Motivated, being willing to take on a challenge having really clear, and being enthusiastic about, your goals, and taking initiative. And the combination of those things. It’s probably going to create some stress in your life and then you need to be able to manage that stress by being able to do enough to keep yourself calm, relaxed, alert and creative. So there’s balance between poised achievement rather than stressed achievement.

Paradox of Innovation

And then finally, “Innovation.” Innovation is all about being able to be Persistent despite encountering significant obstacles. How to be able to just carry on what some people call Grit, but having that enough in order to also say, “Well look, if what you’re doing  ain’t working, do something else.” Experiment a bit, so being able to experiment and try new things but also seeing those new things through enough so that you get to a result. So it’s the balance between persistence and experimentation if you can develop and balance those paradoxes you will be developing a Growth Mindset. So what we’ve been doing is working with loads of clients now to work with these. And to do fantastic exercises in workshops To help them improve performance in their businesses.

So if you’d like to know more, do get in touch. And remember, when it comes to a Growth Mindset, Stay curious!


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