Motivation Matters for Managers

Improving engagement, motivation and retention
with the 5 Cs of Post Pandemic Management

As businesses emerge from the pandemic motivation, engagement and retention are becoming a major concern. Many people have begun to think deeply about what is important to them, and research is showing that 25% of workers are considering changing jobs. This is being referred to as the Great Resignation or Great Prioritisation.

The direct costs of replacing people are very high and there are also many hidden costs like loss of management time, additional pressure on people and loss of morale. While there are many factors at play, the common denominator is managers’ behaviour, because it is said that people join an organisation but leave a manager. Many managers are unaware of the importance of having meaningful conversations with their people, to tap into their personal motivations and make sure they are engaged and fulfilled in their work. 

Using the latest thinking from neuroscience and psychology, our programme empowers managers to have meaningful and purposeful conversations with their people.

By developing their understanding of how human brains function they will become more compassionate and confident when exploring what people really want from their jobs. By understanding the impact the pandemic has had on the brains of their people they will be able to improve rapport and make a significant positive difference to engagement, motivation and retention within their teams.

5 Cs of Post-Pandemic Management

This innovative programme highlights the importance of the relationship between manager and team member and how motivation, engagement and retention can be improved with the 5 Cs of Post-Pandemic Management:

  • Compassionate leadership – providing active empathy
  • Collaboration – developing an equity mindset
  • Curiosity – asking powerful questions
  • Coaching mindset – creating supportive accountability
  • Communication – providing respectful candour.




This programme provides practical tools managers can use right away, including a structured approach for having powerful conversations with their people, to unlock their motivation and engagement.




Exploring tensions and paradoxes

The programme explores four key paradoxical tensions that exist when engaging team members. A behavioural paradox has two opposing or contradictory traits that are in fact complimentary, and synergistic. The workshop explores the four key paradoxes that need to be balanced for managers to be highly effective at motivating, engaging and retaining their people. Once they are equipped with these unique insights, participants can explore and discuss the mindsets, habits and behaviours they need to adjust in order to become even more effective.

Each participant gets a personalised behaviour analytics report with insightful data that identifies strengths and areas to improve.

Highly personalised and insightful

All participants complete a Harrison Work Preferences Questionnaire prior to attending, which takes around 20 minutes. They will each receive their own Engagement & Retention Mindset report specifying the essential and desirable traits for effective performance, as well the traits that can undermine performance, including those which appear under stress.

All managers will then have self-service access to personalised independent learning modules to address any paradoxical imbalances. The personalised approach is highly effective in motivating managers to shift their mindsets, habits and behaviours and yet it is very cost effective because it can be delivered for cohorts of up to 20 participants.



T4P Academy

The programme is delivered through the T4P Academy, our online learning management platform. Our blended learning approach incorporates a variety of learning resources and activities, including self-service resources, live interactive modules and a downloadable workbook. This addresses different learning styles and supports hybrid working arrangements.

Live modules can be delivered with a choice of delivery format:

  • Onsite 1 full day + 1 half-day
  • Online 4 x 2.5 hours.


The Learning Objectives of the programme include:

  1. Understanding the 5Cs of post-pandemic management and why they are critical to motivation, engagement and retention.
  2. Exploring behavioural preferences using the four paradoxes that need to be mastered to enhance engagement and retention.
  3. Using the 8 categories of engagement and employee expectations to structure powerful conversations
  4. Using active listening and questioning techniques to explore engagement factors and fulfilment levels.

Small improvements, big rewards

At Talent4Performance we value creating clarity, inspiring people and driving performance. We believe that improved performance is the acid test of any learning interventions, so we are committed to delivering a return on investment from our programmes.

‘The Great Resignation’ is clearly a critical business issue having the potential to significantly increase the costs associated with employee turnover. A very small improvement in employee retention can pay massive dividends. When people stay longer in your organisation and grow with it you can save tens of thousands of pounds.

If you would like a complimentary taster of the programme with a short online course that is packed full of value and insight:




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Your Facilitators

Alli Gibson

Alli Gibbons


David Klaasen


Alli Gibbons and David Klaasen are skilled practitioners in facilitating Behaviour Change. They have over 50 years’ combined experience working with leaders and managers to improve personal and business performance. They share the latest thinking from the cutting edge of Applied Neuroscience in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. They are both qualified mental health first aiders and are passionate about creating sustainable businesses that enjoy long term success, because they invest in nurturing the skills, knowledge and energy of their people.

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