Tips for Improving Performance

Leading and managing people can be tough, we know that from our own experience!
Alli worked in construction for many years on massive projects like the Channel Tunnel and David worked for many years in the furnace of 5 Star hotel and restaurant kitchens.

The current need for working remotely can present some additional challenges for Leaders and Managers and yet the basic principles remain the same.

Fundamentally it is about effective two-way communication regarding:

  • understanding your people, especially their engagement expectations
  • clarity of role purpose and performance expectations
  • encouraging feedback
  • identifying learning and development needs
  • measuring results, outputs and outcomes

Far too many Leaders neglect the basics and expect their most senior managers to manage themselves with very little input.  However, no matter how senior people are, everyone needs clarity and inspiration in order to perform at their best.

We are passionate about our formula for success:

Clarity x People = Performance

With this in mind, we have created free and unrestricted access to this page which has a number of very simple tips for improving performance with a selection of very short videos and a few downloads that we believe can make a significant difference to team performance when implemented with a Growth Mindset.

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The FACT Based Approach to appraisal conversations

This short video highlights the four key elements of an effective performance appraisal conversation

The two-page FACT Based Appraisal template.

Free download

Literally thousands of clients have used this simple approach to engage their people in meaningful conversations even at most senior levels.  Some prefer to avoid the dreaded ‘appraisal’ word and use different terms at work for their business like: catch-up meeting, one-to-one meeting, job chat, etc.

FACT Based Appraisal template

Inputs? Outputs? or Outcomes?

Which is most important. For years many leaders and managers viewed productivity through the lens of ‘Inputs’ – how long people were at their desks.

However wise leaders and mangers discuss performance outputs AND outcomes. They are often pleasantly surprised by the results.

Watch this short video to find out more:

The 7 Performance Traps

If your people don’t perform as you expect there’s always a reason for it.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to avoid The 7 Performance Traps.  Check which one of the traps you may have fallen into!

The 7 Performance Traps article:

If you like reading here is an article David wrote about the 7 performance traps which goes into more details about each of the traps than on the video.

Article: The 7 Performance Traps



The Paradox of Driving Performance

Are you perceived by others as harsh or permissive?  There is a paradox in driving performance.  If we are not balanced in our approach, we may create unintended consequences.  Learn to utilise two seemingly opposite traits and master the Paradox of Driving Performance.


The trap of Unconscious Competence

When we become highly proficient in a task we can assume that it is easy.  This is the trap of unconscious competence which can undermine your ability to delegate.  To delegate effectively you need to go back a step to help your people to know what they didn’t know they needed to know.

Are all of your people meeting your expectations?

Many leaders and managers complain that their people are not meeting expectations.  This short video can help you to identify what’s missing so your people perform at the level you really want.

Three tips for managing your emotions

Managing emotions can be tricky because they can easily hijack your thinking and make you irrational. Here are three useful tips from the field of applied neuroscience that can help you manage your emotions, so you can be even more effective as a leader.

How to ensure feedback gets heard

How to give (and receive) more effective feedback on performance. David was enjoying a fantastic ski holiday with his wife Pam when something interesting happened. He found it so insightful that he captured his thinking on the slopes and posted it on LinkedIn!

As mentioned above, if you like what you see please get in touch to find out more about our online programmes that can help you and your team become even more effective using behaviour analytics and the latest thinking from applied psychology and neuroscience.

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