Management Foundations Programme

How to deliver performance through people

How many times have you seen someone who was great at their job then struggle to manage others?

Why is it that we assume everyone has an innate ability to manage people?

How many managers have you worked for who had little understanding of how to communicate with people in a way that supports and encourages them to deliver great performance?

Managing people is a broad-ranging and complex skillset that doesn’t just appear overnight when someone is promoted into a role that requires it. Managers need to understand how to communicate with the people they manage, as well as their own managers, peers and other stakeholders. If they are to get the best out of people, they need to understand why people behave in the way they do, and how their own actions can affect others – for good and for bad. Managers also need to be confident to hold their people accountable for delivering against performance expectations, and to create the conditions for people to thrive in their role.

In our experience, most managers are not given the support they need to develop these foundational skills – they are simply expected to be able to do it. However, with a little help, their effectiveness at delivering performance through their people can be dramatically increased.

This programme is designed to support managers to develop the foundational skills they need to be effective in managing people. It provides personal insight into the manager’s own behavioural preferences, which has a strong influence on their management style. It then builds on this insight to provide a practical understanding of three key areas: communication, behaviour and performance.

This programme addresses the three fundamental aspects of managing people:

Understanding Communication

Exploring the communication process, our individual communication preferences, and how we use words, non-verbal communication and listening skills to provide clarity and understanding.

Understanding Behaviour

Exploring how our mindset, thoughts, feelings and attitudes affect our behaviour, and how we respond to triggers that make us feel threatened.

Understanding Performance

Exploring how we set expectations, and hold people accountable for delivering results, along with how performance is affected by pressure, and how we can avoid the seven performance traps.

Programme format

The core programme has three 2.5 hour modules, each spaced one week apart. Managers attending the programme will receive a detailed workbook to support their learning, which includes practical activities for them to work through before, during and after the workshops. A follow-up email series encourages them to continue applying the ideas in practice for months afterwards.

There is an optional individual break though coaching session that comes before the workshops. This supports each manager to explore how their current mindsets, habits and behaviours align with the specific requirements of their role as a people manager. Insight will be provided through the Harrison Assessments system, and they will receive a comprehensive report pack with this option.

Highly Interactive

The programme is highly interactive and opens up discussions about how our mindsets, habits and behaviours impact on others in a practical way.

We support participants to reflect on real situations in their workplace, so they can take action and make positive changes to their approach to managing people.

Facilitating Brain and Behaviour Change

The programme is based on the philosophy that awareness enables and motivates change. When the brain can label and categorise specific behaviours as separate from our personality, we are less attached to them and they become easier to change. This profound insight gives participants permission to let go of ineffective habits and behaviours, to practise new and more effective ways of managing their people.

Following the Management Foundations Programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts relating to communication, behaviour and performance.
  • Appreciate your own preferences and behaviours in relation to working with others.
  • Develop new habits to improve your effectiveness in your management role.

What our clients say:


Here are some comments from people who have attended the Management Foundations Programme:

“It’s an insightful and beneficial experience which can help you learn key aspects in management roles. The reports help identify areas that you excel in as well as potential areas of improvement you may not have even realised.”

“The most significant insight I gained from the programme was probably the meta language section. As we are in the work environment constantly using these words/phrases we often forget that to new staff it probably makes little sense, which can easily lead to tasks being misunderstood and not done correctly.”

“It was a good mix as on the independent learning you had the time to sit and think of different scenarios and then be able to discuss it in detail on the online workshops rather than trying to think of scenarios on the spot.”

Managers, Global Football Company Ltd

Your Facilitators:

Alli Gibbons




Alli Gibbons and David Klaasen are skilled practitioners in facilitating Behaviour Change. They have over 50 years’ combined experience working with leaders and managers to improve personal and business performance. They share the latest thinking from the cutting edge of Applied Neuroscience in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. They are both qualified mental health first aiders and are passionate about creating sustainable businesses that enjoy long term success, because they invest in nurturing the skills, knowledge and energy of their people.

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