“Performance is the acid test”

Everything you do is only of value if it actually delivers performance. If you have clarity of strategy, culture and communication, multiplied by the right people in the right roles, they will deliver the performance you’re expecting.

What we do

When it comes to delivering results, there are three core areas which have the biggest impact on your business and your people.

Driving Performance
Building confidence that people will deliver.

Evaluating Performance
Being rigorous about everyone adding value

Improving Performance
Creating a growth mindset culture

The Clarity Matrix

How we do it

Our work is guided by our own methodology – The Clarity Matrix. The product of our combined 50 years’ consulting experience, The Clarity Matrix looks at the four main quadrants of your business identifying areas of risk and improvement.

We discover the DNA of your business using The Clarity Matrix, underpinned by the latest developments in applied neuroscience and psychology, to understand your business from a number of different perspectives. The relentless pursuit of success can make us neglect one of the most powerful learning opportunities available to us. By always looking forwards and not taking time to reflect, we fail to learn from what worked and what didn’t work. We support our clients to rigorously measure and evaluate their performance, so they can learn from both their successes and their failures.

When you have honest clarity about the performance of your people and your business you can develop a learning mindset and a performance culture that will deliver business success.

Find out more about our methodologies here.


Ensure leaders set clear expectations, and compassionately hold people to account for delivering performance


Measure and evaluate the intangibles in your business, applying data analytics to people and behaviour


Ensure your people actively seek opportunities to learn and grow in order to improve their performance

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