WATCH: The Paradox in Decision Making

Today, I want to talk about the Paradox of your Approach to making decisions.

Paradox in Decision Making


Because there’s a paradoxical nature to decisions which is between two traits. Which could be deemed to be opposite or contradictory, but in fact when they come together or synergistic and give greater balanced, versatility of behavior in order to address situations effectively.

So the two traits that we’re looking at are analytical, which is the tendency to use logic to examine facts and situations. And intuitive which is about using hunches in order to make decisions now. If we’re very much using our tendency to be analytical without a balancing of our intuition, we can get stuck in being laser logical.

And laser logic leads us down the path of always wanting more information and never having enough, and then grinding to a halt if we don’t get enough information. And that can be really difficult in an ambiguous situation where sometimes there just isn’t the information in order to make the decision, and you need to use something else.

So with intuitive tendencies if we have a high intuitive tendency without having the analytical tendency, we could actually end up being non logical. We just purely have the whim of our biases and our foibles and are just thinking things through and saying about that’s most recent art that’s what I expect to See.  And then therefore that’s what I see. So our biases can cloud our thinking. 

And what we’re really looking for here is to be able to eliminate the downside of pure intuitive and eliminate the downside of pure analytical by bringing these two together. So that we have balanced versatility and that means that we’ll be able to have logical intuition. We’ll be able to look at the facts and use our intuition as well so using our experience looking at our thoughts and thinking about our feelings and listening to that quiet voice inside. But also going at let’s just step back a little bit and use our prefrontal cortex here a little bit to analyze this and say well is it really true is it robust enough. 

So where are you and where is your team? And if you’d like to know more about where you are on this do get in touch. And we can help you analyze what your tendencies are, what your preferences are. Are the Preferences of your board and that will give you good concrete and objective evidence so the best way that you can make decisions for your business. Thank you


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