Performance Potential Workshops

This series of workshops is designed to equip leaders and managers with the five fundamental competencies for leading and managing in a VUCA world.  By raising self-awareness and taking time to reflect on their adaptive capacity, participants report being highly motivated to shift their mindsets, habits and behaviours and take specific actions to improve performance.

Some of these workshops like Growth Mindset, Smart Collaboration are also very popular with people in non-management roles.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Many people talk about Growth Mindset but this programme decodes it and gives you deep insights and practical tips that will help you succeed at work and in your personal life.


Raising Accountability

If people are not accountable it is often the mindsets, habits and behaviours of managers that create this situation.  Discover how Compassionate Leadership drives performance and positive working relationships.




Constructive Conversations

Nothing happens without communication. Discover the secret of how to be more powerful, influential and impactful by understanding yourself and others, even when the pressure is high.




Effective Decisions

Effective decision-making requires taking contradictory or conflicting points of view and balancing risk with potential pitfalls. Discover powerful insights into your decision-making preferences and learn practical tips and tools to use right away.




Smart Collaboration

Effective collaboration is the key to success in complex organisations but it can also cause stress and distractions.  Discover the secret of smart collaboration and how to balance personal productivity with group productivity.




Inspired Management Workshops

This series of workshops is designed to lay the foundations of effective management and building high-performance teams.  It explores both time and tested principles as well as the latest thinking from the field of applied neuroscience. Participants frequently report that they wished they had attended this programme at the beginning of their management career.

FACT Based Appraisals

Appraisal are often dreaded by both managers and staff. The FACT based approach addresses the 4 fundamentals of performance appraisal in a simple format that is valuable for managers and meaningful for staff.




Advanced Motivational Skills

Managers frequently underestimate the importance of their role in the performance of others. This workshop looks at the applications of classic motivation principles and the latest thinking from the field of neuroscience. It also explores the 4 fundamental management styles and when to use them.




Coaching for Performance

Effective coaching empowers people to think for themselves, take responsibility and reach their full potential. This workshop gives managers the fundamental skills of coaching to improve performance.




SIMPLE Delegation

Managers frequently become the bottleneck in a business. The SIMPLE approach to delegation explores the 6 principles that will give managers confidence and transform their management style.




Being Firm and Fair

Many managers fear addressing underperformance because it can quickly become very technical with serious legal implications. This workshop demystifies performance management and gives managers practical tips on what they can do before the formal disciplinary process is required.

It also ensures they understand your organisation’s disciplinary and grievance processes.




Resilience and Wellbeing

The intensity of ever-increasing workloads and the continuous and rapid changes required by economic challenges are putting immense strain on everyone.  Leaders managers and people all benefit from understanding the fundamental principles of well-being. This programme has a number of elements that help participants explore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, how to harness it and utilise it for optimum well-being.  Participants are often pleasantly surprised that they can make some small practical changes that will dramatically help improve their physical, emotional and mental health.

Energising Your Resilience

One of our most popular programmes helps participants to identify where they may be neglecting the factors that support them across the 4 domains of energy. It explores how they can practice developing their energy so they can become more resilient when they need it.




Mindfulness for Performance

There is now plenty of evidence from armies, police forces and first-responders the developing the skill of mindfulness can massively help deal with and manage extreme pressure.  This workshop helps participants to discover the benefits of mindfulness and how they can use an approach to mindfulness that will work best for them.




Stress Management for Busy People

We all experience stress in different ways. This workshop explores the fundamental principles of effective stress management so participants can discover new habits and practices that they can incorporate into their daily lives.




Exploring Post Traumatic Growth

The global pandemic has affected lots of different people in different ways. This workshop provides a safe environment for people to explore the learnings that can come from hardship. This approach provides mutual learning, empathy and understanding about how we can grow from difficult experiences.




Career Development

Our unique approach to career development will provide you with deep personal insights and practical exercises that will empower you to become the best you can be.

Group Strengths Coaching Workshop

This team coaching workshop uses a facilitated approach to identify the core strengths that individuals bring to the team and how the team can utilise these fully to achieve high performance.





The T4P team have over 150 years of experience working with large and small businesses as well as private and public sector organisations.  We have seen what works and what fails. This series of skilfully facilitated workshops can help senior teams to avoid the pitfalls of strategy development and create effective and robust implementation plans.

Find Your Why

This workshop uses a combination of exercises from a number of different sources to help facilitate leadership teams with identifying and articulating the core purpose of the business and the leadership team.

This approach can also be used with divisional and departmental teams.




Developing Values

Values driver behaviour whether we are conscious of them are not. This workshop helps leadership teams to identify the 4 core sets of values that drive organisational success. It also facilitates exploration of the behaviours required to demonstrate these values.




Diagnosing Your Culture

Organisational culture can be difficult to describe yet easy to see in the behaviour of senior people. Our unique approach uses a number of diagnostic tools, including behaviour analytics, to identify your current culture. This means you can pinpoint specific areas to address that will have the biggest impact on creating the culture you need to succeed.




What is Strategy?

This workshop engages senior teams to explore what the organisation or business needs to do in order to achieve its vision and fulfil its purpose.




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